Deep Insights into global education for teachers
Exposure to study areas relevant to teachers
On-going & keen connect with students
Efficient paperwork & documentation support
Does being ill-equipped to mentor students on ‘global education’ makes you feel helpless?

If so we get It!

Let’s bridge the gap between You, your student, and the universities abroad

Empower your students think global, go global!

Your students deserve mentoring from their own teacher who:
To help your students effectively,
you need an institution with
We understand your world, because we belong to it!

2 Decades..

15k Students

We have helped over 15,000 students realize their global education dream over two decades!
We pride ourselves in our student-centric approach
Over 50%  of students come to us through referrals
We are driven by the trust of students & parents
Our student testimonials speak for themselves!
Become The Most Sought-After Teacher guiding your students on global education!

Step-up plan

Here’s how we do it:

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Earn the gratitude of your students!
Help them choose the most appropriate global education option!

Get certified as a global education mentor

Get full support from iSTEP centre

Get to track your student’s progress

Visits to foreign Universities

Our Mission

To empower Indian students attain a global footprint by enabling Indian teachers mentor their students effectively in choosing the most suitable and rewarding international education

How does iSTEP engage with you?

You’ll find us

‘easy to work with’

What’s in it for the Teacher?

Get  certified as a global education mentor

Get full support from  iSTEP centre

Get to track your student’s progress

Trips to foreign Universities

“A Guru (teacher) is the true embodiment of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. A teacher
spreads knowledge and destroys ignorance. Salutations to such a great Guru!”

Synergies at work

Teacher’s mentoring

iSTEP Support

Global university education

Successful Student

Teachers’ delegations to foreign universities: familiarization & engagement

Experiential learning

to ‘think global’ confidently!

First-hand exposure

to foreign universities, programs & pedagogy


Witness ‘cultural’ and ‘job-related’ nuances
* Open to active members of iSTEP teachers’ network as per applicable terms
So, join the iSTEP Teachers’ network. And in the meantime download this useful PDF on a Teacher’s Guide to Global Education in Australia.

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