Right approach to identifying the right program and the right University!

Outcome- A student must eventually become a performer in the chosen field, remain motivated and feel energized- while studying as well as at work! Building on a one’s strengths makes us happier at work!!

To quote Lea Waters, centre for positive psychology-

“[A true strength] is a sweet spot. It gives you internal rewards and the sense you’re truly being yourself here at work.”

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How should a student find one’s dream program?

The right way to arrive at the best program is-

The 3 step approach to finalizing the ‘right study program’

Step 1


Look at student strengths, preferences and hidden talents

Step 2


Get the right knowledge of different programs can lead to a good, in-demand career

Step 3


Match student skill and capabilities to the ‘right program’ to ensure student happiness and a successful careers
“Do what you love and the money will follow.” – Marsha Sinetar

What are the different work related ‘interests’?

For instance, given below are a list of 15 ‘work type interests’ a student may be good at:

Being creative
Working with hands and tools
Working with animals
Working with children
Being outdoors, on the move
Working in farm, horticulture
Helping people
Interacting with customers, people
Working as a professional
Helping people
Managing people
Working in a health care setting
Working with computers
Providing services without tools
Working in a technical job
Matching their ‘work type interests’ to various ‘career options’ make it easier to choose the right study option.

How to match work-related ‘interest’ with ‘career options’ available

Given below is an indicative list of ‘work type interests’ and corresponding ‘career options’-

Work type interests

Being creative
Working with children
Helping people

Career interests

Animator, Architect, Chef, Civil Engineering designer, Design Engineer, Project Manager, Marketing specialist, Graphic designer, Instructional designer, Landscape designer, Social Media Manager, User Interface designer, User Experience designer…and more
Health care assistant, Educator, Nurse, Audiologist, Healthcare case manager, Childcare worker, Clinical nurse, Clinical psychologist, Social worker, Counsellor, Dental hygienist, Dietician, Disability support worker, English teacher, Family lawyer, Early childhood/primary/secondary teacher, Mathematics teacher, Mental health support worker, Midwife, Occupational therapist, Optical dispenser, Optometrist, Paramedic, Personal care worker, Physiotherapist, Special education needs teacher, Youth worker

All of the above (in working with children) plus more…

Chiropractor, Financial planner, General practitioner (Doctor), IT support, Lawyer, Solicitor, Naturopath, Nurse unit manager, Nutritionist, Osteopath, Pharmacist, Podiatrist, Property lawyer, Prosthetist, Radiation therapist, Sonographer, Surgeon, Work health & safety officer…and more

*The list above shows 3 interest areas only (as an example)

Similarly, we have dozens of career options for Indian students after class 12 or Bachelor’s degree for each ‘work type interests’. These can be Agriculture, Engineering, Social work, and many more!

Biology related options alone have dozens of programs that need to match the student ‘work type interests’ viz. rehabilitation, allied health care, mental health, gerontology, palliative care and so on.

A student from Commerce/Business, Humanities/Arts, Science/Technology, and professional programs should choose the right option depending on their ‘interests’ and ‘capabilities’…after class 12 or Bachelor’s degree!

Choosing the ‘right study program’ and the ‘right University’- The final step!

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‘identifying the most suitable University’?

Which of the two options given below is more important?

Option A

Getting student where one wants to go?

Option B

Helping a student choose a program based on one’s strength/interests, and selecting a University that’s beneficial in the long run?

Clearly, option B alone is in student’s best interest, and will result in a fulfilling & fruitful career!

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To quote Marc Anthony-

If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.