Why should an Indian student study in Australia?

City type

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Perth, Adelaide, Gold Cost, Sunshine Coast, Canberra, Newcastle/lake Macquarrie, Wollongong/lllawrra, Geelong, Hobart
All other locations Check postcode in link given below

Years you can live & work

2 years PSW Visa post Bachelors and Masters degrees (min. 92 weeks)
3 years PSW visa
4 years PSW visa
[Click here information on relevant websites with authentic information on salary/wages in Australia, and post-study work visa related information on “regional areas”]

Why is Australia a great choice for studies?

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Universities or programs?

Cost of studies and living in Australia

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Student Visa procedure

What’s the best part about studying in Australia?

Post study work visa in Australia
A student can work in Australia after completing studies
A student can be permitted to stay and work for up to 3 or 4 years, especially if the student has chosen a University in a regional area

iSTEP help on paperwork and documentation

Which is the best places to study in Australia? How to choose the right program?

Which are the best courses in Australia for International students?

This depends on what we mean by “best”! The right way to arrive at the best program is-

Step 1

Look at student strengths, preferences and hidden talents

Step 2

Get the right knowledge of different programs can lead to a good, in-demand career

Step 3

Match student skill and capabilities to the ‘right program’ to ensure student happiness and a successful careers

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Relevant websites to learn more about Salary/wages and Post Study Work Visa in Australia

Salary/wages- Australia

Post Study Work Visa

Click to know more about ‘minimum wages’ (fairwork.gov.au) Click to know more about ‘salaries across different states in Australia’ (seek.com.au)

Click to know more about ‘Designated Regional Areas’ with postcode list