Don't Settle for a Conventional Masters!

India at the Forefront

India at the forefront of a global tech revolution.

Countries are falling over each other to sign trade agreements with India.

We are the world's fastest growing ‘large economy’.

Indians lead tech giants such as Google, Microsoft, Twitter & Adobe

Huge Opportunity
for Students

International Masters degree as an enabler for students
Introducing an education without boundaries. ‘The Complete Masters’

A truly Global Education creating Global Professional

A degree that incorporates & adapts to advances in technology

An experience that is multi- cultural & multi-national

A learning that propels the students' careers in the right direction

A program that helps develop high-in-demand professional skills

A Masters degree that comes with work-integrated-learning projects

Why ‘The Complete Masters’
A Masters degree aspirant is mature enough to take a well-informed decision regarding their choice of a degree. Most often, this is the first truly independent decision that a student takes regarding their education & career, as many a times the decision to pursue a particular bachelor’s degree is influenced by family constraints or inputs from friends. Thus, when a student starts collecting information about available Masters degree options, a helpful tool like “The Complete Masters” comes very handy.

Our Purpose:
To highlight quality
Masters degrees with international exposure

As of now, Indian students have only a few Masters degree options within India that will prepare them for global opportunities. If you leave aside some of the top Master’s programmes offered by the IIMs and the IITs, there aren’t many truly global masters degree programs to select from. Furthermore, India has a limited number of high-quality advanced programmes (like AI, ML, Data Science, Business Analytics, Early Child Education, Cyber security, Management etc.) that students can pursue.
‘The Complete Masters’ programme connects students with some of the most popular and highly ranked public universities in the UK, Canada, the USA and Australia to help them choose the right Master’s degree in their field of interest
Benefits of Pursuing ‘The Complete Masters’